Best part-time jobs to pay your bills in the US

There are numerous ways to earn that extra cash and interact with people from all around the world. In other words, it gives you a complete experience of the culture and life of the country you are residing in.
Following is a list of opportunities you can choose from in the USA (make sure to run a background check to avoid involving in any fraudulent activities).

1. Dental hygienist (avg hourly wage-$36.65)

As long as you manage to get along well with the dentist you work for, it is pretty much of a low-stress job. Your daily responsibilities will include examining patients for signs of oral diseases, like gingivitis, and offering preventive care, including oral hygiene. Explore resources for employment & wages by state and area for the occupation and you might end up earning as much as 36.65 USD per hour. Working at a dentist’s office will most probably include working on weekdays as they are usually shut on weekends.

2. Interpreter & Translator (avg hourly wage-$25.16)

Interpreters and translators usually work in settings like schools, courtrooms, conference centres, etc. Depending on the setting & the type of assignment, this job might be stressful at times, majorly due to the involvement of highly sensitive or technical information that needs to be relayed accurately. Although entering the industry typically needs at least a bachelor’s degree, the most important requirement is fluency in two languages (one being English). Increasing globalisation and a diverse US population are reflected in the employment growth. Demand will likely remain strong and you could earn about 25.16 USD per hour.

3. Nail technician (avg hourly wage-$12.39)

Manicure & pedicure belong to the list of the few luxuries men and women can’t live without. And nail technicians clean, trim, file & polish fingernails and toenails at salons, spas, barbershops or even at home. To ensure repeated visits of customers, one needs to have excellent customer serving skills as well. As a part-time nail tech, you might end up working all sorts of hours, since most of the salons and spas are open in the evenings and on weekends. The best part is you’ll be sitting most of the time (though hunched more often than you like) and earn around 12.39 USD per hour.

4. Recreation & fitness worker (avg hourly wage-$12.67)

If you are willing to work hard for people who play hard, recreation and fitness work is your thing. Professionals falling under this umbrella term are camp counsellors, recreation leaders, aerobics instructors, etc. Primary responsibilities will include overseeing activities like hiking, kayaking, horseback riding; serving as a yoga instructor or ensuring safety in public places. Help people stay active, have fun and improve fitness while earning as much as 12.67 USD per hour. Most of the workers, more often than less, have to spend time outdoors and you typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent to become one.

5. Babysitting (avg hourly wage-$15)

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the average cost of babysitting one child is pretty costly in most parts of the world; this being 15 USD per hour in the United States. This highly demanded job includes a lot of responsibility as you will be in charge of children as young as six months to toddlers. Babysitters are appointed to take care of children usually in the absence of their parents and thus are supposed to take good care not only of the child but the house as well while ensuring the child is not in danger. Additionally, you are also allowed to set up some rules of yourself that are agreed upon by the parent and the child.
The desire to be financially independent might land you the most successful part-time job, sometimes resulting in a full-time profession in the future.
Happy searching!



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